Lutgendorff, the surname. My name is Brian Lutgendorff, pleased to meet you and thank you for visiting my website. I studied graphic design back in 2010 on a designer school called Cibap. After that i started working at a photographer who offered me a parttime job. After a couple of years a flag producing company approached me and offered me a full time job where i’m currently working.


Never my approach but always our approach! I like to work together instead of alone, this gives me a better insight of the target audience wich needs to be approximated.


Either your looking for a logo, advertising, product design or a complete advertising project. I’ve got the network to introduce you with, together we can brainstorm and take you through the possibilities to make your project worth the investment.


For over 5 years i’ve been creating visual communications and working with their social impact among consumers. I combine tradition with modernity, indigenous influences combined with an open approach to graphic design. All resulting in visual communication wich perform.